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Meet the Members - Dalhousie Women in Sport

Our goal at Dalhousie Women in Sport is to provide a safe-space and supportive environment for female and non-binary students with a passion for sport. We provide our members with opportunities to grow as individuals and share experiences across campus and in the community. Since its founding in August 2022, our organization has gained over 500 followers on social media, as well as over 100 registered general members. We provide students with events and opportunities such as recreational activities, networking, game nights, viewing parties and industry guest speakers. Some of our most successful events include our women’s dodgeball tournament, which attracted over 85 participants from the campus and alumni community, and donated 100% of proceeds to a local women’s shelter in Halifax. We have also hosted collaborative events such as our recent bike and climb Decathlon event with the Dalhousie Bike Centre, and this year we entered a team in the CIBC Run for the Cure event where we successfully raised over $3500. We regularly promote sport related work, internship and volunteer opportunities to our members. Recently we established a volunteer partnership with Club Inclusion to provide support in their AllSports programming, which allows participants to participate in a variety of recreational sports, with the goal of building confidence in sport for gender minorities and individuals with disabilities.

Societies social issue focus?

Our society's focus is on creating gender equality and advocating for female and non-binary representation in the world of sports. We cater to athletes of all levels, as well as those looking to work within the sports industry.

What ways have we been involved in said social issue?

We have been involved in this social issue in a variety of ways, including hosting fun events, attending women’s sports games, participating in community events, creating spotlight posts for athletes, resharing women in sport updates on our social media platforms, and sharing volunteer, mentorship and work opportunities with our members.

How do you feel student involvement in these social issues can impact change?

At Dalhousie Women in Sport, we believe that fostering a positive community and encouraging women to pursue the male dominated sports industry, both as athletes and professionals, can help bring us one step closer to gender equality in sports. By creating a safe space and supportive environment for our members, we have been able to not only spark change on campus, through initiatives such as Consent Week, which we partnered with Dalhousie’s department of Human Rights and Equity Services to raise awareness against sexualized violence at schools, but also in the greater Halifax community through our work with various external organizations.

What can your society do this year and in the future to spark social change?

By continuing to foster relationships with our schools athletic department, and community partners, as well as by leading by example for young girls in athletics, we believe that Dalhousie Women in Sport can continue advocating for positive representation and an equal playing field in all aspects of sport!

instagram @dalhousiewomeninsport

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