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You are invited to NCWIB’s 2 day virtual summit - Mind the Gap: Strengthening Gender Diversity in the Canadian Economy.


NCWIB is bringing together stakeholders to prepare young women for the workforce by building confidence in advocating for themselves.


The Summit connects the advocacy and national programs arms to explore the intersection of policy and business for young women in Canada. 

September 16th - September 17th, 2022

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Evidence has been gathered on the “gender confidence gap” - the tendency of women to underestimate their intelligence compared to male counterparts. This lower self-perceived ability has the potential to deter female students from pursuing economics beyond high school which has an impact on potential economic outcomes for the country.


To combat this gap and many others, NCWIB’s Mind The Gap Summit serves as a “self-advocacy business bootcamp” for gender diverse young people across Canada. With diverse programming streams catered for young women in university and high school, this multi-demographic experience will foster peer-to-peer mentorships and networks of support.




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 Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre 

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Elyse Watkins

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Strategic Initiatives Consultant, Future Skills Centre

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Indigenous Women and Youth Team Lead, National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association

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Vice-President Student Life (VPSL) at the Students' Association of MacEwan University


Madeleine Durocher

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Policy Analyst at the Government of Alberta's Department of Energy


Alexandria Bohémier

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Advocacy Manager, FORA


Haiqa Cheema

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Ministerial Advisor at Government of British Columbia



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Policy & Research Analyst in the Mayor's Office

summit schedule


You will also receive a certificate of participation signed by our Executive Director for your resume!


We are using an Admission by Donation model to cover the operating costs (website, speakers, packages, hosting/webinar platforms, etc) of the Summit. A similar virtual conference to ours would charge a minimum of $50, but we are making ours “pay what you can” to better accommodate our diverse audience. 


Hence, your kind donation will greatly support NCWIB’s operations and ensure we create more events, activities, and opportunities to further bridge the gap between marginalized students and economic policy. We are committed to opening up space in policy and decision-making circles and creating a seat for young women at the table.


We also prioritize accessibility and it is one of our core values, so if you’re unable to pay to register, please reach out to us via the platform (Email, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) that is most convenient to you, and we will ensure you can still attend the Summit. 

Who we are

NCWIB is a non-profit organization joining together women’s empowerment groups in business schools across Canada in a close network to provide support, opportunities, and training to strengthen their individual impact. Our mission is to improve the way young women experience the economy through developing strong Canada-wide relationships and urging decision-makers to consider the experiences of students in economic policy. 

We have held a variety of events aimed in achieving this mission such as advocacy circles and networking events. Through our advocacy circles, we arrange consultations and meetings with local and provincial government/community organizations in policy or decision-making circles. These meetings give young women a chance to share their experiences and/or concerns about entering the economy.


In the network meetings, we gather executives from Women in Business groups across Canada and give them DEI training resources, a brief professional development course, and an opportunity to network with one another. To name a few, notable people that NCWIB has worked with so far include:
Janis Irwin, MLA
Rakhi Pancholi, MLA
Kathleen Ganley, MLA
Blake Desjarlais, MP


What people are saying…

“We are looking to connect with WIB's across the nation to learn about what other societies are doing and learn about the different opportunities that are available for women in business.” -  University of New Brunswick, Saint John WIB 


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Our conference is currently only available in English, but we can provide French closed captioning.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

While the Summit poster’s silhouette may suggest our target audience is only women, our goal is to help strengthen gender diversity in the Canadian Economy. This encompasses all gender diverse people who are welcome and encouraged to attend! The summit is for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experiences of women.

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