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Meet The Team


Navya Baradi


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Executive Director

McGill University: B.C.L/J.D. Candidate


University of Alberta B.Com Grad in Strategic Management and Organization 


Taylor Bossio


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Advocacy Director

Thomson Rivers University: J.D Candidate


MacEwan University B.Com Grad in Legal Studies and Marketing


Samantha (Sam) Iligan


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Communications Director

University of Alberta: Bachelor of Commerce, major in Marketing, minor in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Management with Certificate in International Learning


Kathleen Gallagher


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National Programs Director

St. Francis Xavier University: Bachelor in Business Administration major in Management and Leadership


Nyakhan Yoh


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Partnerships Director

University of Alberta: Bachelor of Commerce, major in Business Technology Management, minor in Computing Science

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Caroline Hoang


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Social Media Associate

University of Alberta: Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Accounting


Reagan Lindsay-Kereluik


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Research Associate

Dalhousie University: Bachelor of Arts in Law, Justice, and Society; double minor in Economics and Management




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 Logistics Associate

Dalhousie University: Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Accounting

OUR Mission

Our mission is to improve the way young women experience the economy through developing strong Canada-wide relationships and urging decision-makers to consider the experiences of students in economic policy.

our vision

Our vision is a world where youth-young women in particular-demand accountability from decision makers. Young women are critical to the economic recovery of the nation in a post-pandemic world; and we aim to equip young women with the networks and opportunities that create confidence and belonging. Celebrating and supporting youth of all gender identities and backgrounds including racialized, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+ women will create a stronger and healthier economy.

our Goals

  • Foster inclusion and belonging in advocacy through establishing a diverse and inclusive network of young women across Canada.

  • Promote skill-building and confidence by empowering young women across Canada to pursue career opportunities, and practice advocacy.

  • Strengthen the impact of student groups by providing leaders with training and resources to empower and advocate for the interests of their members.

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