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Meet the Members - Women in Engineering St FX

The Women in Engineering (WIE) society’s goal is to unite women in the male-dominated field of engineering by fostering a supportive and inclusive community for all. We welcome everyone to join us in our events and initiatives. Past events have included activities like pumpkin carving, study and snack sessions, and empowering talks from guest speakers. Currently, we're excited to continue providing opportunities for connection, inclusion, and empowerment within our community.

The society actively addresses social issues such as inclusion, empowerment, and combating

gender-based violence. Annually, on December 6th, we host an event for the Day of

Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women and the Ecole Polytechnique massacre. The aim through these initiatives like these is to create a supportive environment and contribute to the prevention and elimination of gender-based violence.

Student involvement in social issues plays a pivotal role in driving meaningful change. As the

future leaders of society, students bring unique perspectives and energy. By actively engaging in initiatives related to inclusion and empowerment, students not only raise awareness but also challenge societal norms and advocate for meaningful action. Through their activism, students demonstrate the potential for positive transformation to the engineering community.

This year and in the future, our society is committed to continuing our efforts to spark social

change. A notable upcoming event is our STEM Day, scheduled to kick off Engineering Month in March, coinciding with Women's History Month. During this event, children from local elementary schools will be invited to a day of activities hosted by various science, technology, engineering and mathematics related societies here at StFX, inspiring an interest in STEM from an early age. We are committed to reaching a greater audience and making a bigger difference through our outreach efforts. By staying true to our mission of inclusivity, empowerment, and building a sense of community, we truly believe our society can make a meaningful difference in the engineering community.

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