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Meet the Members - UofM WiCS

Short introduction of your group and its goals? 

  • University of Manitoba’s Women in Computer Science (UMWICS) is a student group dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for women and gender minorities in computer science. 

  • We have around 100-200 members.

  • In the past and also currently, for university students, we have hosted events like the Mentor Mingle where we collaborate with companies in the industry, study sessions, game nights, and general meetings.

  • Currently we also have an Outreach program and two mentorship programs: one for pairing up 3rd and 4th year students to 1st and 2nd year students who are women in computer science, and the other for the website committee where we pair up a first year student mentee with a second year student mentor.

What is your society's social issue focus?
  • Our social issue focus is to bridge gender disparities in the field of computer science.

What are ways that your society has been involved in said social issues?
  • Through our outreach program we have been collaborating with schools to facilitate workshops that teach the younger generation how to build websites and games. By having volunteers who mostly identify as women or gender minorities, we show the younger generation that the computer science field is increasingly becoming more inclusive for everyone, regardless of gender.

How do you feel student involvement in these social issues can impact change?
  • Introducing students to computer science early on can make them see themselves as someone who is capable of being in the field.

What can your society do this year and in the future to spark social change?

  • UMWICS can spark social change by arranging events like panels that promote diversity and inclusion and organizing networking events like the annual Mentor Mingle, to support women in the field of computer science. Additionally, we have partnered with the Department of Computer Science to host a “How and Why to be an Ally” panel, promoting allyship within the community, with plans to host it again next year.

We also asked them some fun holiday questions too. Meet their team members here:

What is your favourite exam study snack?

What is your favourite holiday/ December break tradition?What is your go-to study playlist or music genre? (name a few songs that your team likes).

Jillian - President

  • popcorn or anything sweet

  • sleeping, catching up on tv shows and movies, setting up the christmas tree, and playing christmas songs

  • my fav genres are r&b, pop, and kpop but i study best with classical piano music or brown noise

Dhvani - Vice President

  • Sweet Candies. My current fav are MnMs Chocolate covered Peanuts.

  • My Favorite december break tradition is binge watching christmas movies and baking 

  • I love listening to lofi versions of songs but my all time fav genres are Reggaeton and Bollywood.

Ayesha - Secretary

  • nuts, peanuts and cashews are my favorite

  • favorite holiday tradition is watching Home Alone every single year (my mother loves it)

  • indie rock, i think? idk music genres lol

Brooklyn - Social Media Coordinator

  • gummy bears or like nuts and dark chocolate

  • sleeping in, baking, watching the super predictable hallmark movies lol

  • go to study playlist, I listen to string quartet versions of songs that I like (like Midnite String Quartet does some) I need the lack of lyrics so I can focus. In general I am definitely a alternative rock / pop punk type of person

Nataniella - Treasurer

  • popcorn, crisps or crackers

  • setting up the Christmas tree with my siblings and going for parties & eating lots of good food

  • lofi/jazz music & the Marvel ASTV album occasionally

Fatima - Events Coordinator

  • sweet snacks

  • sleep and binge watching shows

  • kpop, hiphop, rnb, krnb. (look here - BTS, Da Streets Ain't Right - Kriss Kross, Idea 683 - Jayla Darden, Hard to Breathe - J.cob ft Rakiyah)

Luisa - Events Assistant

  • chips or any kind of fruit

  • relaxing, secret santa with friends and christmas dinner with family

  • I like listening to classical guitar or jazz music when I study

Ara - Outreach Coordinator

  • mini oreos and rice crispies!!

  • my fave holiday break tradition is getting enough sleep, retail therapy, and skating

  • love indie pop/rock, also pop. I really like "buy me presents" by sabrina and "right side of my neck" by faye webster rn :))

Meshvi - Outreach Assistant

  • kurkure and lays

  • favourite holiday tradition would be relaxing, reading and working on side projects

  • taylor swift instrumentals gets me through everything

Farah - Website Coordinator

  • sour candy and energy drink (best combo)

  • sleep, shopping!!, meeting friends

  • electric music, really loud music like phonk , pop

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